Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers (Lois P. Frankel)

I was introduced to this book through one of the posts made by JoV and I subsequently bought it with my RM200 book vouchers in January. This is a book every young girl should receive upon graduation.

The major I studied and the industry which I will be working are filled predominantly by men. I have my rationale for refusing to choose a major in which there are more female students than male. That way, I wouldn't end up in a stereotypical role. Anyway, there are always pros and cons when you are in the minority group. Hopefully, learning about the team dynamics and chemistry between two genders, as well as the mistakes made by women will work to my advantage.

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office outlines the mistakes women make unconsciously at work which are divided by the author into 7 chapters - how you play the game, how you act, how you think, how you brand and market yourself, how you sound, how you look and lastly, how you respond. Coaching tips suggested at the end of each section help women to overcome the mistakes and further develop in their personal and career growth. 

I was embarrassed to find myself guilty of mistake #82 - Grooming in Public *facepalm*. Public displays of grooming, which I thought was no big deal, has now made me more conscious of what I do in public. Also, another mistake which has hit me hard is lengthy explanation. And the author was right with her analysis on why women talk more (and write longer emails or messages).
" Another (reason) is that we fear we haven't been thorough or complete enough, so in an effort to be "perfect" we keep talking. "
" And finally we overcompensate for our insecurity. We think the more we talk the better case we make.. when in fact the opposite is true. "
Thank JoV for introducing me this wonderful book on your blog. More to read and learn and experience! :)


  1. Thanks for the mention Ting. I am still guilty of the last fault. I tend to write longer emails. But in my middle age, I have learnt the hard way.. I now produce one sentence email. Which I can tell you is very liberating and powerful! liberating to feel that you don't have to talk more than necessary.

    In a room of Senior Managers I was asked to serve water one day, that is in Malaysia. If I have the confidence I have now I would have turned around and say "You can walk over to the pantry and there is water available for you." and smile politely.

    I think in this aspect I did well. In the UK I never offer to do any drinks for anyone, although some Men and Women in England are kind enough to do up a tray of tea for everyone at the meeting, it's part of the English tradition.

    You remind me, I have to revise and check my copy if I have did anything of the improvement areas I have ticked 13 years ago! lol

  2. I compared the emails I wrote and received when I was holding a leadership position in my uni club, and was disturbed to find that while my male counterparts summarized everything in three sentences.. I presented it in three paragraphs!!

    I am sure there are differences in work environment and culture between an Asian and Western country. Which makes me think not everything from this book can be applicable. Nevertheless, it is a very good book for reference.