Sunday, December 30, 2012


In 2012
- It's a shame that I failed to achieve goals I have set for all the reading challenges I have signed up to.
- I have read a total of 11 books with two thirds of them being non-fiction and Japanese literature. The last book I have read in December is Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. If I finish The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini within these two days, then it would be the last.
- The highlight of the year is my visit to the much-anticipated Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (the world's biggest book sale) at Mines Convention Centre on the 7th December. I bought 6 books for RM47. I could have bought more if my training schedule wasn't that packed. Overall, I have bought almost 15 books (or more) throughout the year.
- I remain and have mostly kept to myself (other than JoV) in the book blogging sphere. 

What I expect in 2013
- I might or might not sign up to participate in any reading challenges. I have not made up my mind on that.
- Now that I am a working adult, buying books is no longer a luxury. It is made affordable, thanks to my new job which pays above average. So I foresee myself buy more books. Considering the town I currently live and work has limited choice of bookstores and books, I will have to source my books elsewhere.
- I also foresee myself read more on weekends as this town does lack for entertainment, excitement, variety and spontaneity.
- I might start making more book blogger friends.

Happy New Years to everyone!  :)

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  1. I'm glad you include me as your ole faithful blogger friend (who happens the to share the same first name!) Ah.. now I know what the big bad wolf sales is all about. Not bad for that price, perhaps book prices are not as bad as I thought in Malaysia. Do you own a Kindle? If you do, I can share a few books and also let you know where you can get a free review copy but the trick is you have to keep blogging hard if you want free review copies from publishers!
    Happy New Year Ting. I hope I can finish up my wrap-up for the year soon! :D